Getting Sound Advice

Getting Sound Advice

  • 3 Common Misconceptions About Wills Explained

    Most people know basically what a will is and what it does, but that's about it. Despite the fact that they know it's important to have one, there's a lot that people simply don't understand about having a will. If you're considering writing a will, or you have one already, here's a look at some of the most common misconceptions you may encounter, and the real truth behind them. Misconception #1: If someone passes away without a will, everything goes to the state

  • 5 Things To Remember To Avoid Ruining Attorney-Client Confidentiality

    You may already know that your attorney has the legal duty to keep your communication with him or her confidential. Attorney-client privilege combines with that duty of confidentiality to keep your communications private, even when the state would prefer that they weren't. However, confidentiality is a fragile thing - and you can accidentally destroy it, which can be disastrous in any legal proceeding. You have to remember that unless something is said to your attorney in private, it isn't confidential.

  • For Your Life And Liberty, Don't Wear That Slipknot Tee To Court

    If you are a defendant in a criminal trial, it is important to avoid certain faux pas, because your appearance transmits a non-verbal but powerful message about you. You want to make sure it is something you want the judge and jury to hear. Listen To Your Attorney Lawyers have long been aware that what their clients wear to court can complement their defense strategies, and this is apparent in highly publicized trials.

  • Three Things Every Driver Should Know About Impaired Driving And Accidents

    When you are impaired by alcohol, drugs, or something else, and have an accident, you have two problems to worry about: the criminal charges you will receive, and also the civil liability for persons and property that were injured or damaged in the accident. You should be clear on the ways you could be considered impaired while driving, so you can avoid being responsible for an accident. Impairment Impairment means something has caused your judgment, reflexes, or physical abilities to deteriorate.

  • Accused Of Intent To Distribute Drugs: How An Attorney Can Help & The Cost To Hire One

    Were you accused of being a drug dealer because you unknowingly got a ride from someone that got pulled over with drugs in the car? Distributing drugs is a serious crime that can lead to you being locked up in prison for a long time, so you need a drug defense attorney to help you out of the situation. In this article, find out how an attorney can help you prove your innocence and how much hiring one will cost.

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