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Getting Sound Advice

Accused Of Intent To Distribute Drugs: How An Attorney Can Help & The Cost To Hire One

Hailey Ruiz

Were you accused of being a drug dealer because you unknowingly got a ride from someone that got pulled over with drugs in the car? Distributing drugs is a serious crime that can lead to you being locked up in prison for a long time, so you need a drug defense attorney to help you out of the situation. In this article, find out how an attorney can help you prove your innocence and how much hiring one will cost.

How Can an Attorney Help When Accused of Intent to Distribute Drugs?

When you speak with an attorney, he or she will ask you about the person you were in the car with when pulled over by a law enforcement officer. You must be completely honest, even if it means being considered a snitch. You must tell the attorney any information concerning the other party's involvement with drugs, such as if he or she uses them or has ever sold any. The purpose is to find out if you were aware of the type of person you were dealing with or if you were completely in the dark.

A few of the things your attorney will do to help include:

  • Investigating the other party
  • Proving that you are a model citizen
  • Convincing the judge to let you out on bond
  • Looking into your criminal background (if any)
  • Finding character witnesses for you & the other party

Your attorney may ask you to take a drug test, and it is in your best interest to agree to it. The reason for the drug test is to prove that you don't use drugs in case the prosecuting attorney accuses you of it.

What Does a Drug Defense Attorney Charge for Legal Assistance?

Hiring a reputable defense attorney is vital when you are dealing with possible prison time for a drug offense. Although you will be appointed a public defender, paying for your own attorney is in your best interest. You can expect to pay an attorney up to $300 per hour for assistance. However, there is also a retainer fee that can be as low as $2,000 or up to $30,000 plus depending on the level of the offense.

Riding in a car with a drug dealer should be avoided at all costs because you can become an innocent victim. Consult with a drug defense attorney like one from Kassel & Kassel A Group of Independent Law Offices so you won't waste a portion of your life in prison for a crime you did not commit!


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