Getting Sound Advice

Getting Sound Advice

When You Should Hire An OWI Lawyer

Hailey Ruiz

Operating while intoxicated (OWI) is a serious criminal offense in the United States that carries tough penalties as states strive to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities caused by impaired driving. For example, you may face jail time, lose your driving license, or incur substantial financial losses from the staggering amounts of money used in order to be acquitted when charged with OWI. Imploring an OWI lawyer's services can come in handy when faced with such charges. The lawyer can help you in various stages of your case to ensure you do not get incarcerated or pay the hefty fines associated with OWI charges. Here we will discuss the circumstances when you should seek an OWI lawyer's services. 

Getting an Opinion on Your Case

It is crucial to know the laws and what to expect during trial before going to court over an OWI charge. However, the facts and laws surrounding OWI cases are relatively complicated. It may be difficult for someone with no legal experience to examine the unique case facts that characterize OWI cases or decipher the constantly changing laws. Therefore, it is essential to consult an OWI lawyer to answer questions you may have on the case and get an informed opinion based on the facts and relevant laws. Although most lawyers offer consultation services for free, the small fee they may charge will save you huge amounts of money in fines. 

Going to Trial

Accused persons are allowed to speak for themselves in OWI trials. However, self-representation is not the best option due to its shortcomings. Trial practice is a skill that takes training and years of practice to perfect. Therefore, an ordinary person may not be conversant with court rules or have the legal knowledge necessary in a trial. Most judges usually have little patience for people who are oblivious of court rules, which puts self-representing persons at a disadvantage. It is essential to implore an OWI lawyer's services since they have courtroom experience, which increases the chances of a fair trial and favorable ruling. 

Turning Down Representation by a Public Defender

Accused persons have a right to legal representation in all criminal cases. When a person does not have a lawyer, the court appoints a public defender to represent them. Although public defenders are well acquainted with the legal system and have vast legal knowledge, they usually have a lot of cases to handle. These caseloads are often burdensome, restraining them from fully attending to your case, which may cost you your freedom. OWI lawyers have the same trial experience without overwhelming caseloads. Thus, hiring an OWI lawyer means your case gets undivided attention, increasing the chances of acquittal. 


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