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Getting Sound Advice

Getting A DWI Taken Off Of Your Record

Hailey Ruiz

Having a pristine driving and criminal record can help you in a lot of situations. Many careers that involve driving will require you to have a clean driving record with no violations for a certain number of years prior to applying for the job. Most jobs will do a background check before offering you a position. Most jobs will hire applicants that have no criminal history. If you have a DWI on your record from some time ago, you may find that this is holding you back from jobs and other interests. If your DWI has been on your record for more than five years, here are some things that you can do to have it taken off your record. 

Apply during expungement days

Many counties and states will announce expungement dates ahead of time. This is a day where you can go to court and apply to have your arrest record or your criminal record expunged. Many of the judges will look at your overall record during these days and make a decision. Before you go in for the expungement day that was announced in your county, make sure it matches the county of your arrest and make sure that you send in an application online if applicable. This will help the process move more smoothly. 

Have a lawyer file for an expungement

If your state does not yet offer expungement dates or if you do not want to wait, you can have an attorney file for an expungement of your record on your behalf. Hire a DWI attorney that is already aware of the court process that must take place when you are dealing with a DWI record. They can petition the courts for your records to be expunged. They will need to show cause for the record to be expunged as well as case law that shows other expungements for your type of record in your county. This process is likely to take several months from start to finish. 

Get the record sealed

Even if there is no process to remove a DWI from your criminal history in your state, you will be able to seal the record. Sealed records are not removed, but they are sealed off from view. This means that unless you undergo a specific type of background check, no one will have access to your criminal record history. This will permit you to get car insurance, get hired as a driver, and apply for jobs that require a clear background. 


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