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Getting Sound Advice

Why Foreigners In The U.S. Should Be Extra Careful With Criminal Charges

Hailey Ruiz

As a foreigner facing criminal charges in the U.S., you have more to lose compared to a criminal suspect who is a citizen of the country. This means you can't afford any misstep in your legal defense. Here are a few examples of complications you may face as a result of your foreigner status:

You May Be Barred From Leaving the Country

As a criminal suspect, you may be barred from leaving the country until your case is resolved. Imagine how frustrating this will be for you if you were just in the country temporarily. Maybe you are a tourist, a student, or a businessperson who cannot afford to be in the country longer than necessary. Imagine how costly it will be for you to extend your stay by years; yes, some criminal cases can take that long before resolution.

You May Be Deported

Another possible complication is that you may be deported from the country. This may not be a big deal (although it's still costly and inconveniencing) if you were merely touring the country. However, it will be a disaster if you were here on business or studies or visiting your family members. It will mean leaving the country before accomplishing what you came to do. As a rule, you are likely to be deported if you are convicted of aggravated assault (assault with a deadly weapon such as a gun) or a crime of moral turpitude (such as murder and incest).

You May Be Suspended From School

If you are an international student, then you also face the possibility of getting suspended or expelled from your school. Most schools have policies that compel them to suspend or expel (depending on the severity of the crimes) students convicted of crimes.

One might argue that even domestic students may be suspended or expelled, which is true. Unfortunately, the logistics of getting into another school as a foreigner who has been expelled from one school is more difficult than for citizens. For example, you may have to go back and make the application from your home country.

As you can see, you don't want to risk getting charged or convicted with a criminal case as a foreigner in the country. This is why you ought to garner the best defense as soon as you are suspected of a crime; don't wait for the case to "get serious." Hopefully, your defense lawyer will help you to avoid a conviction and its related consequences. For more information, contact a criminal defense lawyer at a law firm such as The Gentry Firm.


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