Getting Sound Advice

Getting Sound Advice

4 Things to Do if a Family Member Is Arrested on Drug Charges

Hailey Ruiz

No one wants a family member getting arrested on drug charges, but it is a reality that happens too often. Sometimes people are falsely accused of this criminal act. Authorities may try to persuade the family members of accused individuals to testify against them. The following are a few things you should do if your loved one is accused.

Determine if they have a bond and if they are dependable.

Some people who get drug charges are able to get temporary releases on bond. If your loved one gets a bond, they will likely call you or another family member. You need to ensure that you understand the bond terms because they could cause problems for you. For example, if you use a bond to get someone out of jail and they do not show up for their court date, you might be held liable for the full financial obligations of the bond.

Abstain from conversing with law enforcement about the accused.

Sometimes law enforcement pursues family members to get more information about people accused of drug crimes. They may attempt to ask questions, or they may also make their presence "known" and evoke fear in family members. You are not required to speak with law enforcement about your loved one's arrest. If they pursue you incessantly, you may need to consider the benefits of getting a lawyer to represent you.

Obtain a criminal lawyer for your loved one.

You and the accused person will likely not be able to prove their innocence or create reasonable doubt. This why a criminal lawyer is a good resource to use for their protection. Sometimes people obtain court-appointed lawyers and assume that they must continue to use the same lawyers, but it is possible for your loved one's lawyer changed before their court date. There is nothing wrong with public defenders, but they usually have a high caseload, which means that your loved one's case may not get their full attention.

Seek services for your loved one according to their charges.

This may seem like an admission of guilt to some people, but courts recognize people who seek help from outside sources before their court date. For example, people accused of drug or alcohol related crimes can undergo substance abuse treatment. Individuals who have drug charges related to aggressive behaviors such as aggravated assault can seek anger management classes. A criminal defense lawyer is a good resource to use to determine other services that could help a criminal case end in a desirable manner. 


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