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Getting Sound Advice

Where To Find Expert Witnesses

Hailey Ruiz

If you were charged with a crime, and you are going through the process of fighting the charges in court, one way to prove your innocence is through the use of an expert witnesses. An expert witness is someone who has expertise in a subject related to the crime that you supposrfly committed and who's experience in a particular field can help shed light on your innocence. An expert witness is not someone who witnessed the crime or had anything to do with said crime; their testimony is used to establish background and context for the charges that you face. Here are three different areas where you can find an expert witness.

Academic Experts

One of the most common categories of expert witnesses comes from the academic field. Academics are often great expert witnesses because they spend their entire life studying and working to understand either a particular industry or field or a particular methodological approach. Academic experts can often be found at your local community college or local university. You can also find academic experts by searching out papers written in the field you are facing charges in and contacting the author to see if they would be willing to be an expert witness in your case.

Consulting Firms

Another common category for expert witnesses comes from the consulting world. There are numerous consulting firms where individuals work for the sole purpose of giving and providing expert testimony in their field. These individuals study and become experts in specific areas, such as statistics and/or technical side of a field.

These types of individuals are familiar with what it takes to be an expert witnesses and are generally very willing to work with you for a fee for their testimony.


The third type of expert witnesses is someone who is a practitioner. This is an individual who is seen as a leader in their industry or who has extensive experience in their industry. This type of expert witnesses does not study a particular field, but rather has hands on, practical experience gathered through years of work.

This type of expert witness is probably the least likely to be familiar with being called as an expert witnesses and may need the most coaching from your defense attorney to prepare them to testify in your trial.

Your defense attorney should be able to help you identify the type of expert witnesses your particular case calls for and help you find and hire the right expert witnesses. For more information, talk to a professional like The Ryan Law Firm.


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