Getting Sound Advice

Getting Sound Advice

4 Ways To Help Your Loved One While They Wait For Their Criminal Trial Date

Hailey Ruiz

When a loved one has been accused of a crime and is waiting for their day in court, it can be extremely stressful for them. Here are some things you can do to support and encourage them while they wait.

Avoid Interacting with Possible Witnesses

You might think you are helping your loved one by trying to question others who might be involved in the case. However, this could be a mistake. Emotions could become heated and you may wind up hurting your loved one's case.

If you think that talking to certain people might be beneficial to your loved one, tell their lawyer. The attorney can then take appropriate action.

Plan Activities They Enjoy

It can be extremely stressful for your loved one to sit at home dreading their court date or what may lay ahead for them. To distract them, plan a number of activities that you know they enjoy. Perhaps they enjoy heading to the movies or they might want to visit family. Try to get them out of the house every few days so that they don't isolate themselves and constantly dwell on their legal troubles.

Encourage Them to Prepare for Any Outcome

While you don't want your loved one to fixate on their legal problems and may want to believe that they will be found innocent, it is important that they are prepared for any outcome. Talk to them about how their life may change if they are convicted and find out when they would be able to file an appeal. When your loved one has a plan in place for any outcome, they can better face whatever happens. Assure them that you will support them no matter what.

Work on Your Written Statement or Testimony

If your loved one's criminal lawyer plans to call you to testify in court, be sure that you are adequately prepared. Make sure that you have written down any information that you have about your loved one's involvement in the case and pass that information on to the lawyer so that useful information can be revealed during your questioning.

If you are not testifying and have been asked to write a written statement instead, make sure you show drafts of your statement to the lawyer before submitting them to the court. This way, the attorney can help you to be sure that you've written appropriate and relevant remarks about your loved one.

Now that you know some ways you can help your loved one as they await their trial, use the information above to help you. Be sure to talk to their criminal attorney, one like Cross, LaCross, & Murphy PLLC, to find out more ways to support them during this difficult time.


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