Getting Sound Advice

Getting Sound Advice

3 Tips For Getting Past A Traffic Ticket

Hailey Ruiz

Getting a traffic ticket might seem like a small deal or even a rite of passage for a driver. However, getting traffic tickets can cause you to spend a lot of money on the ticket itself and court costs, or lose your license and pay extraordinarily high insurance costs due to racking up too many demerit points. If you want to be sure that you are able to get the most out of your time on the road, without losing precious time and energy on traffic tickets, consider some of these methods to getting the tickets reduced or thrown out. 

Tip #1: Go To Traffic School

One of the most reasonable ways to get your ticket thrown out or reduced is to attend a licensed traffic school in your area. These schools offer drivers the opportunity to learn some very important driver's improvement tips, which in return, allow them to shave demerit points off of their license or get the traffic ticket thrown out overall. By taking advantage of this, you'll keep your insurance rates down and will satisfy the court's requirements so that the ticket won't stay on your record. 

Tip #2: Hire A Quality Traffic Lawyer

A mistake that many people make when it comes to their traffic ticket is that they don't take court seriously enough to make the most of it. They either don't show up to court at all and are tried in absentia, or attempt to represent themselves in court. You need to hire a traffic violation lawyer who can help you craft a defense or seek leniency from the courts. The last thing you'll want to do is fend for yourself in a court of law!

Tip #3: Try To Speak To The Officer Who Issued The Ticket 

While you see the police officer who issued the ticket as a hindrance to your day, keep in mind that they are also human beings. If you want to seek leniency or even get your case thrown out, the best thing you can do is build a rapport with the officer. This way, you can let the officer know the reason you were speeding or your plan to make sure that it doesn't happen again. By reaching out and taking a step that most people wouldn't, you will be ahead of the game. 

Consider these tips, so that you can beat the traffic ticket and keep your driving record clean. If you do find yourself struggling with some traffic tickets, consider contacting a law firm like Hogan-Kimrey LLP Attorneys At Law to help you fight the charges or get the penalties reduced.


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